Brand Book Figma Template

Are you interested in creating an exceptional brand book for your company 📘 or are you a brand designer currently designing a brand book for one of your clients 👤🎨?

Save numerous design hours with our free Brand Book Kit Figma Template, which features over 100 slides that can serve as a starting point.

Our free Brand Book Figma Kit contains all of the most commonly used slides and sections that typically form part of brand books and brand identity guidelines, so we are confident that it has everything you need ✏️!

What is included in our free Brand Book Figma Kit?

12 Brand Book Covers 9 Summary Slides 7 Divider Slides 8 Introduction Slides 7 Logo Design Slides 6 Mark Construction Slides 8 Horizontal Logo Slides 8 Vertical Logo Slides 9 Color Logo Slides 7 Monocolor Logo Slides 7 Background Color Slides 6 Mobile App Logo Slides 5 Logo Grid Slides 4 Logo Safe Zone Slides 6 Logo Unsafe Slides 4 Logo Misuse Slides 15 Color Palette Slides 11 Typography Slides 5 Photography Slides 5 Team Members Slides 7 Brand Voice & Slogan Slides 7 Iconography Slides 8 Illustration Slides 5 Business Cards Slides 5 Stationery Items Slides 5 Merchandise Slides 7 Thank You Slides

Primary Colors Brand Book Figma Template

Typography Brand Book Figma Template

Logos & Footer Brand Book Figma Template

Icons Brand Book Figma Template

Icon Font Brand Book Figma Template

Avatars Brand Book Figma Template

Brand Book Figma Template

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