Concrete Design System – Icons Figma

Concrete Icons is a comprehensive set of flat icons designed specifically to complement the Concrete Design System. This collection features over 300 high-quality icons that have been meticulously crafted to meet the requirements of modern web and mobile applications.

The Concrete Icons set includes two distinct styles – filled and outlined – that can be seamlessly integrated into any project. Whether you need a simple graphic for a button or a more complex icon for a navigation menu, you’ll find exactly what you need in this extensive collection.

One of the most impressive features of Concrete Icons is its 24px grid-based design. This ensures that all of the icons are perfectly aligned and consistent in size, making them ideal for use in a variety of contexts. With their precise dimensions, you can easily integrate these icons into your existing designs without any hassle.

Whether you’re designing a website, mobile app, or desktop application, Concrete Icons is an essential tool for any designer. With its extensive range of icons and versatile design styles, this collection is sure to meet your needs and exceed your expectations.

In addition, Concrete Icons is fully compatible with the Concrete Design System Figma file, making it easy to incorporate these icons into your designs. Simply import the icons and start using them right away – no additional design work required!

Overall, Concrete Icons is a powerful set of icons that offers a range of design options and styles to meet the needs of any project. So why wait? Download this essential icon set today and take your designs to the next level!


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